One of the most important parts of a business sphere is the engagement and development of employees. It is about being a trusted member of a team who will contribute to organizational and individual performance. Surround yourself with motivated employees. You don’t just build a business. You build people and then people build the business. And it’s impossible to run a business without highly engaged, inspired and enthusiastic workers!
According to research organization Gallup Inc.’s most recent annual “State of the Global Workplace” survey, only 29% of employees in the U.S. and Canada are engaged. Both employees and employers can have some gaps in the workplace because of such circumstances. While some companies are searching the smartest ways to boost workers’ performance, there are the others who find the solution to the problem in technologies. Just develop workplace environment through technologies and improve the interaction between employees and employers.  Some companies see that tools such as cloud-based sharing, information sharing systems make people development and management process productive.

Let’s take a chance to build new experiences through technologies and appropriate tools.

File sharing tools

Tools for collaboration

Great internal communication is essential for teamwork collaboration and documentation. Creating a resource where your employees can surely find all information they need is one of the most significant ways to provide the right engagement. To make your projects run smoother, you can manage team projects, upload files and share them with your employees with the help of cloud-based sharing tools. Here are a couple of tools to manage team projects, tasks and share info: Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, Asana, Trello, Box, SugarSync etc.

See Dropbox! This tool makes file sharing easy. It has the latest collaboration, access and sync features allowing us to access our data from any device anywhere that we are connected to the internet. Trello is a free, flexible web-based project management application for managing projects and making collaboration easy. These tools simplify communication and bring team members together where your people can have conversations, create tasks, as well as stay updated with progress on projects and internal events. Accelerate your working process and make it productive for your organization.

Actionable and timely feedback

Real-time FeedbackWhat a good job you have done or you always find a way to get it done and done well! That’s what we always wish to hear from our office managers. The truth is that positive feedback helps employees feel confident. It makes them feel appreciated and do their best for the job. Offering frequent feedback to boost employee development is what employees really need. Due to tech opportunities, employees can easily get and receive feedback. Explore Impraise. It allows team members request and receive actionable real-time feedback right when it matters. The goal is to implement a strong feedback culture. Officevibe is an online platform, which boosts employee engagement by conducting surveys. Once a week, employees get one question to assess their moods, such as stress, happiness, and how employees feel about the company culture. Make sure, real-time feedback makes people more orientated and responsible for their thoughts and actions.

Training of Employees

Learning Management System (LMS)

Think twice! What would your business performance look like without getting your employees trained? Now more than ever, techs provide diverse opportunities for companies to train and evaluate their employees. Integration of LMS in employee training strategies is the best choice for every company. See Train8. It is an all in one LMS platform that helps companies to take their employment process to the next level by training, evaluating and keeping track. It is a learning management system which will make your employee learning easy! As well fast and accessible by just providing an extra user-friendly platform.

If you are looking for better ways to boost employee morale, you better start exploring Gamification which is considered as a function type of an LMS. Check out ➤ one of my favorite blogs to know more about Gamification as well LMS which will lead to the deep development of your working environment.


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