We would like to showcase some common mistakes that you should check out when you start planning and developing your eLearning course. 

Take a look at these tips which will help you easily and efficiently build and design your eLearning projects.

Unfocused and overload content

Writing great content is a choice. If the creators don’t give importance to course content, they will not get the desired results. Your course content must be well structured and accurate with clear texts. It should have examples and frequent quizzes before you start to hold your online training courses. If the course is about medicine, you don’t need to include humorous elements or something that is not relevant to your content. Your content must deliver the right message to your learners!

Unknown target audience

Not understanding your target audience? Then how are you going to build your eLearning course? It’s not going to work! Before starting your online course, define the primary goals of your target audience and what kind of learning abilities they have!  Not giving importance to this research, your whole course will be just a waste of time. Your learners won’t get the provided information and value your eLearning course.

Mindless integration of graphics and images

Incompatible pictures and graphics will only distract and confuse your learners. You have to be sure whether these pictures will inspire your learners or annoy them. Bear in mind! One picture is worth a thousand words, but only if it corresponds to your topic and content. The role of the pictures and graphics is the maintenance and promotion of the text and content which learners can’t understand. The use of many pictures and graphics in content will decrease employee concentration and satisfaction. While designing your content, make sure that the pictures you have already used are on topic and relevant for your eLearning course. But even if you can’t find any suitable images or graphics, you can design your own to make your content more catchy and understandable.

Lack of interactivity

It is necessary to choose the technologies which can help in creating your eLearning course. No eLearning course will be entertaining and captivating if it doesn’t include any interactive elements such as videos, audios, animations, multiple choice quizzes, eLearning scenarios. And there is nothing worse than the lack of these elements. But what can you do to improve the quality of your eLearning program? One of the most effective features of creating an interactive eLearning course is the choice of the right narrator (male or female) for your audio files. Pick a voice that speaks clearly and distinctly. While using videos via adding URL in your training from various of sources, make sure that the URLs might change frequently and unexpectedly. Just try to create your own videos for your eLearning programs to get rid of all the uneasiness.

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