Improvement of soft skills and development of interpersonal relationships is necessary for everyone. Soft skills increase work performance and build stronger connections and relations between people. Let’s start developing them, which characterize strong and healthy relationships with other employees at the workplace.

Communication is one of the most necessary steps in the workplace which helps team members to feel heard and understood.

A healthy communication is the best foundation for any business as due to its instructiveness and convenience it boosts team’s communication skills.

Think before you speak:

words can encourage and discourage peopleThink twice before you speak, as words have power and can encourage and discourage people. Your choice of words are signs of your consciousness and intellect. The more you see the impact of your words, the more you realize the significance of selecting the right words to express. Draw a deep breath and not say the first thing that pops into your head. Pay close attention to what you say and how you say it and ask yourself whether your words are true, helpful, inspiring, necessary or kind. Just avoid inconveniences.

Learn to listen: 

the golden rule to success

Our biggest communication gap is that we don’t listen to understand. We just listen to reply. Everybody wants to feel heard as an effective connection is the strongest sign of a favourable business environment. To communicate accurately and efficiently first listen what others gonna say and then respond to them. It’s for good reason that the word “listen” contains the same letters as the word “silent”. Avoid misunderstandings in a workplace. Imagine if you are speaking to someone and sending an email to another one at the same time, you will have а communication gap. Try to make one conversation at a time as making your relationship understandable and clear, you may get great ideas about things that will lead your business and team to success.

Watch your body languagebody language:

Another fact of enhancing effective communication is body language. Make sure your appearance is accessible and understandable for your interlocutor․ Just be open to discussions with uncrossed arms, make an eye contact with the person that you’re talking to, pound your fists and adapt a power pose (if you need to build a confidence before a big talk) to emphasize your message. Research shows that 65% of all communication is non-verbal which signs often reveal more than we think they do. Even though you aren’t saying words, anyway you make communication. Make sure that your body sends the right signals.

Treat everyone equally: 

Respect everyone and treat them equally! Try not to make favorites for you and for your business environment. The justice in a workplace will build trust and respect between employees.

Use humor: 

improve communication

Did you know? Most people find it hard to receive information from someone who has no sense of humor. One of the most important factors is finding ways to lighten the mood by adding entertaining stories and intonations into your conversation and not taking everything too seriously. All we are aware that humor plays many beneficial roles in our lives. A good sense of humor is a character strength which can contribute to human flourishing and well-being. Just be funny and make sure your humor is relevant for that situation. Using humor, you break the ice and reduce obstacles in your workplace. A great humor is a way to relieve the stress when communicating as well it can be the reason of generating new ideas. Solve the boredom in your working environment by just being positive and crazy!

Encourage others:

Let others know that they are valued. Encouragement is a motivational strategy which will tend to the innovation of new things. Try to ensure everyone that they are involved in the interactive and engaging activities. If you let others know that they are wanted and appreciated, they will be much more likely to give you their best.

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